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For more information about The Lebanon Rescue Mission call us at: (717) 273.2301.


Agape Testimonials

Janelle's TestimonialJanelle’s Testimonial
My time here at Agape has been life changing. I have matured mentally and emotionally in a spiritual way. I have grown closer to God because of the shelter and its persistence in wanting each one of the women here to walk in the right direction. They have accepted me and helped me in all ways such as food and shelter for me and my kids and also guidance when I needed it the most. They are very structured around Christ and deserve all blessings offered to them. Thank God for Agape.

Sarah’s Testimonial
Agape is a home for me and my family. But it is more than that. Here we learn about the Word of God and how to walk on the path of Jesus Christ. We are given resources to achieve our goals and to gain financial security one step at a time. I have higher self-esteem and I feel like a more positive human being since I came to the shelter. I try to be a good example to others and shine the light of Jesus wherever I go. Agape Shelter helps to rebuild lives and make stronger families here in Lebanon.

Amy’s Testimonial
When asked what it’s like to live in a homeless shelter, I simply say: “I don’t know, I’ve never been homeless.” From the day we entered the Agape Family Shelter, my son and I have had a wonderful home. It is a place where we feel welcomed, loved, and can grow in our faith in God without reservation. God’s love and presence can be felt in every room of the house and it is a great comfort! Being here has also allowed me to accomplish goals I never thought I would meet and begin working my way to accomplishing my dreams. Living at the Agape Family Shelter has truly been a blessing!

Men’s Campus Testimonials

Carl’s Testimonial
I have come to LRM seeking to strengthen my relationship with Jesus and now know I need him more than ever. A structured program rooted in the Bible and centered on Jesus is the key to me stepping into a new life that is clean and stable. The Discipleship Program offers an understanding of recovery that’s on a level of its own. Anyone that is serious about sobriety through Christ will find what they are seeking at The Mission. I’m glad I did not pass up this opportunity.

Reggie’s Testimonial
My experience here at the Mission has helped get my life back on track and restored my relationship with God. The classes here have helped me understand truth and recover in new ways through God’s word. I have a relationship with Jesus and the power to not take a drink or use drugs today. Since coming here almost a year ago, I have a good job, a good church and good friends. I’m grateful for the help The Lord has given me through The Rescue Mission.

Earl’s Testimonial
I came to the Mission because I was facing death and I wanted Life. I turned away from death and toward Jesus and my life is getting better every day. I know the Bible better and I have hope.

Tristan’s Testimonial
I didn’t want guidance, friends or support. I just wanted to go on disability and stay drunk. Now, through learning about Jesus, studying the Bible and applying the steps, my life has changed. I have a good job, I’m back in touch with my family and the church I attend is a blessing. I feel better and people tell me I am a better person. I feel like I’m living the life and being the man God wants me to be. Thank you so much to the people at The Mission and most of all God.