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For more information about The Lebanon Rescue Mission call us at: (717) 273.2301.


“Thank you” Lebanon County for all your support throughout 2020! Blessings from the Staff of the Lebanon Rescue Mission Ministries (Men’s Shelter, Agape Family Shelter, and Lebanon Free Clinic)

  • Susan A. Blouch
    Susan A. Blouch
    Executive Director
  • Jim Weaver
    Jim Weaver
    Director of Men’s Ministry
  • Mark Brandt
    Mark Brandt
    Case Manager / Chaplain
  • Cynthia Smith
    Cynthia Smith
    Director, Agape Family Shelter
  • Bree Smith
    Bree Smith
    Assistant Director, Agape Family Shelter
  • Margaret Brandt
    Margaret Brandt
    Clinic Director, Lebanon Free Clinic
  • Richard Garipoli, Jr.
    Richard Garipoli, Jr.
    Director of Development
  • Jenny Topping
    Jenny Topping
    Food & Volunteer Services Manager
  • Aleta DiNunzio
    Aleta DiNunzio
    Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Cathy Krause
    Cathy Krause
    Executive Assistant
  • Mark Shafer
    Mark Shafer
    House Manager
  • Cari Daub
    Cari Daub
    Events Coordinator
  • Rosemary Boughter
    Rosemary Boughter
    Part-time Food Services
  • Mike Waldvogel
    Mike Waldvogel
    Facilities Manager
  • Heather Thompson
    Heather Thompson
    Front Office Coordinator
  • Corby Shuey
    Corby Shuey
    Short-Term Living Coordinator
  • Larry Keener
    Larry Keener
  • Kathryn Tingstrom
    Kathryn Tingstrom
    Clinic Office Manager

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