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For more information about The Lebanon Rescue Mission call us at: (717) 273.2301.


Happy New Year 2017!

“Thank you” Lebanon County for all your support throughout 2016! Blessings from the Staff of the Lebanon Rescue Mission Ministries (Men’s Shelter, Agape Family Shelter, and Lebanon Free Clinic)

  • Susan A. Blouch
    Susan A. Blouch
    Executive Director
  • Pastor William Litman
    Pastor William Litman
    Director of Men’s Ministry
  • Mark Brandt
    Mark Brandt
    Men’s Shelter, House Manager
  • Cynthia Smith
    Cynthia Smith
    Director, Agape Family Shelter
  • Bree Smith
    Bree Smith
    Assistant Director, Agape Family Shelter
  • Margaret Brandt
    Margaret Brandt
    Clinic Director, Lebanon Free Clinic
  • Barb Shreve
    Barb Shreve
    Clinic Office Manager
  • Betty Lepone
    Betty Lepone
    Clinic Assistant Office Manager
  • Jenny Topping
    Jenny Topping
    Food & Volunteer Services Manager
  • Gail Winters
    Gail Winters
    Administrative Services
  • Aleta DiNunzio
    Aleta DiNunzio
    Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Max Myers
    Max Myers
  • Cathy Krause
    Cathy Krause
    Special Events Coordinator
  • Shannon Betz
    Shannon Betz
    Short Term Program Coordinator
  • Diana Hromco
    Diana Hromco
    Clinic Nurse
  • Patrick Orndorff
    Patrick Orndorff
    Facilities Manager

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