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Broader, Deeper and Eternal

Broader, Deeper and Eternal

Our ministries include:
Men’s Ministry CampusAgape Family ShelterLebanon Free Clinic
Agape Christmas – Sunday Supper at the Mission


In the early years of our ministry, transient men were provided the opportunity to get a warm meal, a clean safe bed for the night and the good news of the Gospel. Most stayed only one night, some men stayed a couple of nights.

Today, the men, women, children and patients at our Free Clinic, come to us with far more complex socioeconomic, behavioral health and addiction issues. There is often generational hopelessness and a constant state of chaos in their lives.


Homelessness, or a lack of stable housing, can be a symptom of chronic unemployment, unstable health challenges, but it is NOT the problem. It is only the symptom of the problem.

Chronic unemployment can be a symptom of behavioral health challenges, addiction or other drug-related matters, but it is NOT the problem. It is only the symptom of the problem.

Addiction can be a symptom of childhood or adult trauma left untreated, or undiagnosed treatable mental health conditions, but it is NOT the problem. It is only the symptom of the problem.

The problem is broken relationships… Life-changing relationships take time, a Godly staff, and an environment that nurtures new healthy relationships.


The relationships built while men and women stay with us have eternal consequences. The Lebanon Rescue Mission ministries uses housing, nutrition, education, and health care as tools to help open the doors to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

“If you build it they will come” – During the last five years, we have expanded our facilities and services to help meet the growth of our community’s need. With more available beds, the Lord has led more broken people to us for life change. More guests means more everything: meals, case management, paper products, cleaning supplies and classroom hours. We have had to expand staffing and operational expenditures to meet the demands. In addition, we continue to care for our facilities, which is now five properties.

Infographic showing increasing beds to meet growing need.

Why help now?

The way to change lives is through solid mentoring relationships over a significant period of time. Brokenness does not usually occur statically. It is the result of poor decisions and unhealthy relationships over a lifetime. Likewise, the building of healthy relationships and the use of biblical principles in decision making is a process developed over a significant time of healing.

The Lebanon Rescue Mission is very successful at meeting our mission…sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That success comes with its challenges. The growth in the number of people coming to our facilities, strains both our staff and resources as we minister to all. While we have added services and programs, there is an immediate need to expand staff but we lack the operational budget to bring them into the ministry.

Those we serve need healthy relationships. Additional Godly staff is needed to help build those relationships. We need additional funding over the next three years while we build our capacity to carry higher operational costs.

How can you help…

Broader, Deeper and Eternal – $600,000 Campaign
Life Change Gift Chart

Size of the Gift Number of Gifts needed Total Gifts
$100,000 1 $100,000
$50,000 2 $100,000
$25,000 3 $75,000
$10,000 9 $90,000
$5,000 12 $60,000
$2,500 18 $45,000
$1,000 40 $40,000
Less than $1,000 Many $90,000


Thank you for considering a partnership with us to address the growing needs in our community. Because of the generous support of friends like you, lives are being saved, families are being reunited, and men, women, and children are experiencing the life-saving grace of God through Jesus Christ!

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Life-changing ministries of the Lebanon Rescue Mission
Men’s Ministry Campus
• Residential Life Change Program
• Short-term stay housing and employment coaching
• Residential graduate housing and mentoring
• Transitional community housing and alumni services
• Food services and community meals
Agape Family Shelter
• Residential Life Change Program
• Residential graduate housing and mentoring
• Transitional community housing counseling
Lebanon Free Clinic
• Acute and chronic health care management
• Behavioral health counseling and case management.
• Partnership in providing student vision clinics
• Cleaning and emergency dental care Medication management
• Prescription assistance program services
Agape Christmas
• Outreach to seniors living in senior housing
• Gift bags include: food items for a week and gifts


Board Members

  • Brett Holland, President
  • Rev. Dr. Roger Bucy, Vice President
  • Jean Hassinger, Secretary
  • Yvonne Myers, Treasurer
  • Steve Allwein
  • Judge Robert Eby
  • Betty Eiceman
  • Roger Grimes
  • Pastor Thomas Keller
  • Kevin Kleinfelter
  • Frederick Long, Esq.
  • Wiley Parker, Esq.


  • Susan Blouch, Executive Director
  • Catherine Krause, Executive Assistant
  • Director of Development – open position
  • Jennifer Topping, Food & Volunteer Manager
  • Cari Daub, Food Services Assistant
  • Rosemary Boughtner, Kitchen Assistant
  • Michael Waldvogel, Facilities Assistant
  • Patricia Pasquale, Special Events Coordinator
  • Aleta DiNunzio, Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Heather Thompson, Men’s Campus Front Desk Coordinator
  • Cynthia Smith, Director – Agape Family Shelter
  • Bree Smith, Asst. Director – Agape Family Shelter
  • Part-time Assistant Agape – open position
  • Margaret Brandt, Director, Lebanon Free Clinic
  • Diana Hromco, Clinic Nurse – Lebanon Free Clinic
  • Barbara Shreve, Office Manager – Lebanon Free Clinic
  • Tonia Walters, Front Desk Assistant – Lebanon Free Clinic
  • Part-time Physician’s Assistant – Lebanon Free Clinic – open position
  • James Weaver, Director – Men’s Life Change Campus
  • Mark Brandt, Chaplain/Case Manager – Men’s Campus
  • Mark Shafer, House Manager – Men’s Campus
  • Robert Barton, Transitional Living Coordinator – Men’s Campus
  • Short-Term Program Coordinator – Men’s Campus – open position