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For more information about The Lebanon Rescue Mission call us at: (717) 273.2301.

Men’s Program Participants give back to Lebanon County

Lebanon Rescue Mission’s residential Life Change / Recovery Program is an intense, in-depth, year-long plan designed to help men understand the root causes of their homelessness and why their lives aren’t working – and then to rebuild their lives on a solid biblical foundation with lasting solutions.  Our program doesn’t focus on just on part of a man’s life; we believe it’s important to affect his entire life – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. 

  • Life Change Program is designed to a lot 1,000 hrs. of Service Opportunities per year.
  • Year – To – Date projects have included:
    • Glass Slipper Project: transporting prom dresses from warehouse to LVM, setting up display racks, and in conclusion returning all unsold dresses to warehouse.  Purpose of Glass Slipper is to provide discounted new and used prom dresses to women who could not afford dresses.
    • Soup Kitchen: providing a local church 1 man for 3 hours to serve in their kitchen during their monthly community outreach.  Responsibilities include preparation of food, serving meals to participants, and cleaning kitchen.
    • Festival of Life: provided 8 men for 4hrs to clean up after the event, picking up trash, loading up tables, chairs and tents.  Men where also available to fill in any needs during the festival including serving water ice, offering prayer in prayer tent.
    • Moving a Long-Term Donor: Suppling long term donor man power to pack and move into new living arrangement.  Donor was elderly and did not have the finances to hire a moving company.
    • YWAM: Men continually served alongside of YWAM (Youth with a mission) as they endured a fire at their headquarters.  Men helped to remove any salvageable furniture, office equipment, and personal belongings. Men served in waves of 4 men for 4 hours.
    • LCCM Annual Lenten Breakfast:  20 men served at the Lebanon Expo Center to help LCCM set up tables, chairs, serve breakfast and clean up event.
    • 936 Chestnut Project:  550 hours were used as 20 men strip wallpaper and paint entire house.  Men then cleaned all baseboards, windows, mowed lawn.  936 Chestnut will serve the future house for LRM Graduates.
  • Future Projects Planned for 2019
    • Jubilee Annual Fund Raiser Dinner: provide roughly 80 hours to support Jubilee Ministries prepare for Fund Raiser Diner.  Responsibilities include setting up tables, chairs, helping to set up displays, coordinate parking, and clean up after the event.
    • Partnership with local church: LRM staff is laying down foundational work to establish a future partnership that may include men from the LRM serving in a variety of ways including; cleaning bathrooms, general church cleaning, lawn maintenance, assisting in church events, greeters, etc.
    • Partnership with local Ministries:  LRM is beginning to pray about different ministries partnerships that would provide men from the Life Change Program opportunities to serve and build healthy relationships.
    • Community Outreach:   LRM is praying about a variety of community projects men from the LCP could participate in.   Some task may include park clean-up, neighborhood street clean up, and volunteer community service.